Case Study - After all Melka Sinami become a Good Mother :


Melka Sinami 26 year old tribal lady belongs to village of Gumunaput living with her family members including Husband, mother in laws, father in laws, sister in laws and her 4 years old son. They live in a semi thatched house with poor socio-economic condition.


During the home visit by Miss Sasmita Turuk, Field coordinator, Mr. Malaya Utaka , Community Facilitator and Mrs. Minati Chety, Female Health worker , they noticed that she was pregnant about seven months and her lower limbs were swelling due to the severe maternal anemic. After the discussions it was found that she has also problems of head reeling and palpitation of heart beat for doing minor household work. Unfortunately due to ignorance & poor financial condition, she was neglected in providing antenatal care .After discussions with field staff of PRASTUTE, Sinami comes with husband and mother in laws for the treatment at Bandhugan medical. The field coordinator of PRASTUTEE facilitated the process and helped and Sinami to participat in the VHND every month . This helped her to receive advice and medicine regularly. After two and half months ,she delivered a male child at Community Health Center (CHC), Bandhugan.

Prepared By :


Miss SasmitaTuruk
Field Coordinator, V4 Sub centreScheme, Baunsaput Sub Centre
Bandhugan CHC, Koraput