Case Study - Facilitating a change :

The village Kintalvadra of Pedaled GP is remotely located and largely inaccessible due to poor communication. Due to high velocity in river Jhanjhabati, Tadingi Sabitree a resident of the village delivered a boy at her home with the help of traditional birth attendant. She had taken only one tetanus toxoid during antenatal period after discussions with the village facilitator. Her mother- in- law strongly believe traditional practices and hesitated to go for immunization & antenatal care to her grand son. The facilitator regular visited her home and motivated for Immunisation. The facilitator also tried to convince the neighbor in the same village. The neighbour and facilitator visited Sabitree and informed her about the consequences of not taking proper immunization as it can lead to polio and gave the example of polio patient of the other villages. The neighbourer supported facilitator. Sabitree’s mother-in –law also enquired about the Immunization services from the facilitator and advised Sabitree to attend immunization session.

After first immunization taken by her baby the facilitator and members of the PRASTUTEE visited her house and congratulated her mother in law. The new born baby completed all the schedule immunization as per the provision by the Govt.

It was the tireless effort of the PRASTUTEE facilitator to change the mindset and attitude of mother in laws of Sabitree.

Report prepared by:

Miss Sumitra Melka,
Field Coordinator, V4 Sub Centre Scheme,
Pedalada Sub centre, Bandhugan CHC, Koraput