Case Study - VDC bring Jamai a dalit widow to mainlive streem with help of Mission Sakti:


Village Damakguda under Deopottangi Gram Panchayat, Pottangi block of koraput district are characterized by underemployment, intermittent employment and unemployment. Attempt has been made to the bamboo craft creation of job opportunities in rural areas Jamai Khilla a dalit widow at the age of 51 lives with three daughters in this small hamlet Village lead the show and set example for herself and others . PRASTUTEE is a Nonprofit organization working with the community for their capacity building initiative and advocacy for entitlement of Social welfare scheme under panchayat provision through implementation of Integral Human Development of Dalit & Adivasi (IHDDA) project with support of CCFD-WORD,Koraput.

Jamai Khilla’s village Damakguda having 22 families of dalit by caste DAMA situated in top of Small Mountain far away of Deopottangi village.

PRASTUTEE persuaded these communities to present their problem in VDC meeting and Jimai Khilla participated & shares her problem of daily livelihood, The VDC leaders discussed their problem in length and breathe and suggested utilize their traditional skill of basketry as option for livelihood. This should be done in a organized way and must be community based. Jamai and other participated women members agreed to proposal and PRASTUTEE team and VDC members helped them form a plat form of Self Help group to address their livelihood issues. Thus Laxmi Priya SHG formed and monthly thrift practice adopted putting saving amounts in bank to increase credit worthiness. Being satisfied with the group performance VDC negotiated with Mission Sakti for working capital fund for bamboo based Income Generation activities for the group. VDC effort Mission Sakti unit of Pottangi release Rs, 10000/- as revolving fund. The fund distributed among the needy members @ Rs1000 in their SHG meeting. Jamai as a needy member received Rs,1000/- and utilize it in purchase bamboo & making Bambbo basket production mainly for local consumption. She and other group members marketed it at nearby weekly market. This helps them use their traditional skill being sources of income Rs800 per month. According to Jamal now comfortable to manage their families village problem can be address by VDC platform PRASTUTEE and which able to help realize their rights, entitlements and access to Mission Sakti services for sustaining their livelihood .


Prepared By :


Nrusingha Padhi, Block Coordinator,

IHDDA project ,PRASTUTEE, Koraput