Case Study - Wages delay in MGNREGA discouraging the job seeker :


Matiaguda is a tribal dominated village under Deopottangi GP of Pottangi block . All the 26 families are belongs to Schedule Tribe known as PARAJA community. Basically the livelihoods of the families are based on daily labour and agriculture farming. The food security of families are ensuring only for 08 months, next 04 months people are living with miserable life . Some time the mail persons are migrated to Andhra Pradesh for fulfill the needs.


In the mean time PRASTUTEE a NGO working with the people of the villages in border objective of ensure the provisions for the tribals and dalits of the GP and entitled the rights of the peoples .To fulfill the objective PRASTUTEE conducting Panchayat provision assessment studies in the villages to know the people , situation & status of the villages .According to the findings of the study the community was organised internally and strength in internal governance system to collect fees for festival and decision making in any conflict at village level . Women are participate in the governance system but priority giving to male persons. In the process of intervention & according the decision of community members a village development committee (VDC) formed in equal participation of male and female dominance. The main objective and rules of VDC was to identify the issues, problems of villages to try to solve at community level and represent in gram panchayat monthly nodal meeting side by side observe the festival & resolve the conflict at village level. In the mean time the member of VDC attend training on leadership and social welfare scheme and services and regularized the monthly VDC meeting . In the beginning of the year 2012 a road work from Matiaguda to Baunsaguda under MGNREGA held and the job seeker of Matiaguda participate in this work . They all 36 persons are work 30 days ,but received wages only 10 days .It was decided in the VDC meeting to raise the issues in the nodal meeting so many times , but nothing was done any positive other then commitment . The VDC members are attend the block level interface to raise the issues in front of ABDO & Ombudsmen organised by PRASTUTEE . The Job seekers are also demand written application to Ombudsmen. Now a days the case was under the prosecution of Ombudsmen .Ombudsmen also issue leeter to BDO ,Pottangi for reply .

Now PRASTUTEE facilitate 20 nos of VDC and one Panchayat Development Committee in Deopottangi & Chandaka Gram panchayat to raise 07 nos of issues regarding MGNREGA and demand application to Ombudsmen for their prosecution .


Prepared by :


Dilip, Susanta & Narasingha of IHDDA Project,